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Bullshit or Fertilizer: A Portable Pep Talk

our previously self-published self-help book has emerged nationwide... reissued by andrews mcmeel with an asterisk in the "Bullsh*t," a new subtitle, and a slightly larger trim size.

pierre's funky illustrations and jamyla's grassroots book design remains intact, and the pocket-sized book is big time, baby.

learn more about the project with the links at left.


for only $10 measly dollars!

purchase it online through your local independent bookstore at help support independent booksellers and keep your reading dollars local.

it is also available at online megastores and barnes& you can also leave reviews there so that prospective buyers will know what's up.

search hints: try searching under "pierre bennu" rather than the book's title. the asterisk throws off the search engines at some of the bookseller sites.


Breaking News!

The Japanese translation has hit the streets... well, in Japan, anyway. We just received and photographed our copies. Check it out here.